RK Impact is a social impact consultancy. RK Impact strives to strengthen grassroots nonprofit organizations through capacity building, social impact measurements, and racial equity and inclusion training. We are committed to fostering social impact in immigrant, minority-led, and LGBTQ-led nonprofits.


RK Impact supports the nonprofit sector by donating 10% of all revenue to organizations whose missions aim to shift the social paradigm towards equity and inclusion. 

Stephanie R. Fenniri
Founder and Chief Impact Officer

Stephanie R. Fenniri, founder and Chief Impact Officer of RK Impact has more than a decade of nonprofit and public service experience, specifically in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives for diverse populations. Stephanie holds an MS in Nonprofit Leadership and Executive Certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania. She has also earned a professional certificate in Organizational Leadership from the Wharton School and a certificate in Professional Fundraising from Boston University.

In May 2019, Stephanie was the recipient of the University of Pennsylvania's Excellence in Social Impact Award.